Services we provide within the scope of Marine Radar projects;

  • Project and consultancy services
  • Supply and installation of HF Marine Radar
  • Supply and installation of HF Marine Radar facility peripheral equipment
  • Data communication infrastructure
  • power infrastructure
  • Post-installation maintenance and repair services

High frequency (HF) radar systems measure the speed and direction of sea surface currents in real time. Currents in seas and oceans are equivalent to atmospheric winds because they are carried from one place to another. These streams carry nutrients as well as pollutants from place to place, so it is important to know the characteristics of the streams for ecological and economic reasons. HF radar data has recently been used by many countries and private organizations. Coast Guard search and rescue teams make use of HF Marine Radar data when rescuing stranded ships and people at sea. Especially current information; In addition to search and rescue works, it also provides benefits in matters such as the spread of sea pollution and the detection of oil layer on the sea surface.